Quality of Care

Delivering and Maintaining Quality of Care

Our reputation as a provider of a high standard of home care is due to our ability to consistently deliver the correct level of care to meet the needs of each client.

In order to continue to maintain and deliver a high level of care we continually review and evaluate both our care providers and the services that we provide.

How do we ensure that our care providers continue to provide a caring and compassionate service to our clients?

We actively encourage our care providers to develop a mutual level of trust and respect with each client. Our practice is to ensure that whenever possible the same care provider or care providers will attend to a client on a regular basis to ensure the care provider knows the client in a personal as well as a professional capacity.

We have created a staff development programme to provide our care providers with ongoing training and to develop their qualifications and skills in the care industry.

We will only recruit care providers that share our values, will work to provide our clients with a high level of care and who will maintain the good reputation of the agency.

How do we ensure that our clients continue to receive the correct level of care?

We provide personal and domestic care to each client after we have carried out a comprehensive assessment of their needs. We consult with our clients and their family members to ensure that our clients receive the maximum benefit of our services. We understand that our clients needs may change over time and we continually review our client’s care plans to ensure that any and all required adjustments to the care we provide are seamlessly incorporated.

How do we encourage our clients to maintain their independence within their own home?

We ensure that the care plan created for each client encourages a responsible level of self sufficiency based on their abilities. We also listen to our clients suggestions and feedback as to how we can improve our services.