Domestic Care

We recognise that our client’s ability to maintain and take care of their home plays an important part in maintaining their well being, comfort and independence. In addition to personal care our clients may require assistance with their day to day chores and household tasks.

Assessment of Needs

As with the provision of personal care, our Registered Manager or Manager will assess our client’s domestic care needs which will be incorporated into the client’s care plan. Our clients’ domestic care requirements are also reviewed on a regular basis and adjusted according to each client’s requests and requirements.

Frequency of Care

Our clients can request that we provide them with domestic care on a regular or on an ad hoc basis.

Domestic Care Services

Our care providers can assist clients with laundry and ironing, washing up, making and changing beds and carrying out light house work and general tidying.

Please note that clients will need to provide our care providers with the necessary cleaning products and equipment when requesting our domestic care services.

Our Charges

If you would like to find out about our current charges for domestic care, please contact Mrs Cherie Callender or a member of her team who would be delighted to assist you.